Regensburg Center for Biochemistry


Fluorescence microscopy
Atrium in the biology building
Courtyard in the biology building
Cryo-EM structure
Botanical garden at the UR campus
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Biology building at the UR
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Downtown Regensburg
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Lecture hall
Biochemical wetlab
Danube river in Regensburg
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Regensburg Center for Biochemistry

The Regensburg Center for Biochemistry (RCB) brings together senior and junior research groups at the University of Regensburg that study fundamental biochemical processes at the molecular and organismal level.

The mission of the RCB is to stimulate outstanding interdisciplinary biochemical research at the University of Regensburg and to promote excellent research-oriented training for young scientists in Biochemistry and Biology. The RCB provides an environment to exchange ideas in numerous seminars and to share state-of-the-art biochemical and biophysical equipment. The broad range of expertise of the RCB faculty allows us to provide comprehensive mentoring for young independent group leaders and to offer modern, high-quality courses for Bachelor, Master and PhD students.

Research at the RCB focusses on RNA biology, structural biology, genetics and enzymology. To gain insights into fundamental biological questions we study biochemical processes in vivo using archaea, bacteria, flies, yeast, plants, and cultured mammalian cells, but also seek to reconstitute biochemical function in minimal in vitro systems. To this end, we use cutting-edge cell biological, molecular biological, genetic and biochemical methods, and complement these approaches with a broad range of modern biophysical technologies that include mass spectrometry, cryo-electron microscopy, X-ray crystallography, high-resolution NMR spectroscopy and fluorescence microscopy.

All PhD students at the RCB are embedded in the Regensburg International Graduate School of Life Sciences ("RIGEL") and / or the Graduate Research Academy “RNA Biology”. Numerous members of the RCB participate collaborative research centers of the University of Regensburg such as the SFB960 (RNP biogenesis: assembly of ribosomes and non-ribosomal RNPs and control of their function), the SFB1350 (Tubular systems and interstitium of the kidney: (Patho-)physiology and crosstalk) and in the newly established RUN (Regensburg Center for Ultrafast Nanoscopy) research center.

The RCB thus provides a highly interactive, interdisciplinary and stimulating environment that supports biochemical research at the University of Regensburg.